How do I remove rust from my bumbleride stroller?

To remove rust, we recommend these resources:

  • Try rubbing with distilled white vinegar on a microfiber sponge or towel. Wipe away to dry and clean.
  • Create a paste with lemon juice and baking soda, rub gently on rust to remove. Wipe and dry.
  • Try cutting a potato in half and salt or baking soda to the open half and rub on rust. Wipe away to clean and dry.
  • Rub crumpled and balled aluminum foil on rusted surface Example,
  • Spray a little WD-40 and wipe with a Mr. Clean magic eraser sponge (any microfiber sponge or towel can replace). Be gentle with sponge on polished surfaces,

Make sure to always wipe down your stroller frame after getting it completely soaked or saturated and set outside to air dry entirely before storing. Never store outdoors when possible as dew or ocean air can cause rust. If you live in an area with salted roads, make sure to wipe down wheels and lower frame when possible or after long outings.

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